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Verjo, traffic manual, driving license B

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Verjo, traffic manual, driving license B (new 27th edition)

You´re from abroad en want to get a dutch driving license? No problem! We´ve got the books for you which will prepare you for the theory-exam. The books are direct translations of the dutch books and they are always up-to-date!

This book contains the Dutch rules of traffic, insight into traffic situations and danger recognition (hazard perception). This up to date theory book is designed for those wishing to study the rules of the road. It is a direct translation of the dutch books and gives all the information you need for the theory-exam given by the CBR.

It is logical that high demands are put on your attitude, knowledge ans skills before you may drive a car on public roads in the Netherlands. It is not a easy exam at the CBR and it takes a lot of effort to past. This book will help you to get ready for the exam. It is also helpfull for foreigners who want to drive in the Netherlands and already have a valid driving licence.

The book contains lots of photo's, cartoons and illustrations to explain all the rules.

De Engelse versie van de verkeerstheorie personenauto. Dit boek bevat alleen de theorie die nodig is om te slagen voor het CBR theorie-examen personenauto. Het onderwerp gevaarherkenning komt uitgebreid terug. In dit boek staan geen studievragen. Aan het praktijkexamen wordt ook geen aandacht besteed.

Het boek staat boordevol foto's, tekeningen en cartoons. Met steunkleuren is onderscheid gemaakt tussen hoofdregels en samenvattingen.